Finding Extraordinary Ordinary Things for Your Home!

Over the last year and a bit, my husband and I put our stuff in storage and spent some serious cash knocking out walls, putting in new floors, painting top to bottom and rewiring our entire house – I think we’re lucky to be alive given what we saw what we saw behind those walls.
After picking through our old furniture and only keeping what worked in the new space, we needed to replace things but on a pretty tight budget.

And so I was led to what constitutes a new economy these days, trolling neighbourhood swap and sell groups and online estate sales where I found some incredible things for incredible prices. I loved the idea of repurposing things and I loved the hunt for fabulous finds. And then, I was done.

I was done, but it turned out I wasn’t finished. This activity became a new hobby and then an obsession.
My obsession is all about vintage and mid century dishes and houseware. I don’t know what it is but there is comfort there and a deep appreciation for line, design, form, colour palette and fun.

My request to you is to Follow my store and to favorite things that make your heart to skip a beat. Share it with your friends who are like minded and adore vintage and mid century – dishes, glassware, lighting, linens and much, much, more. I’ll post new stuff frequently and work out getting your goodies to you through delivery, pick up or Canada Post if you are not in Toronto.

To my International and American friends, all my llistings are in Canadian dollars which makes it a crazy good deal for you to buy Canadian.

Hope you love my obsession as much as I do.

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